A young soldier who was in the process of being discharged from the Army is back in training.

Mr Robinson took his photo with dozens of trainee soldiers at a service station, sparking huge controversy within the Army.

It is believed that the Army only took action against the soldier after the Muslim Council of Britain complained over the photograph.

The junior soldier who is just 17 years old quickly went viral, sparking the ‘I am Soldier X’ campaign to be born.

Over 200,000 people signed a petition calling for the witch hunt against British troops to come to an end.

Mr Robinson was seen outside 10 Downing St today delivering the petition. Robinson spoke to Talk Radio about the situation. See below.

He said: “196,000 signed a petition in support of I am Soldier X.

“Soldier X was a soldier who took a photograph with me at a motorway service station. The then the news reported that the soldier has been discharged. 

“We built a movement in a week. We built a movement in less than a week. We built a movement showing soldiers across the world supporting Soldier X”

“He’s not being discharged, he’s back in training. That young boy, 17 years old, is finishing his military training. It seems we’ve had a victory. All the other soldiers who have been called in for disciplinary have been told they are not being disciplined. So, we are going to keep a close eye on the situation and follow it.”

“What we wanted to achieve is a simple message for our armed forces. People who serve before you sacrifice their lives to give freedom. That freedom should be enjoyed by all of our personnel”.