Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn grilled Theresa May today during Prime Minister’s questions over her Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister is facing a huge task of winning support from MPs for her Brexit deal which does not seem to be going to plan.

The vast majority of MPs in the Commons are set against the Withdrawal Agreement and around 85 Conservative MPs who are part of the European Research Group, Chaired by Jacob Rees-Mogg have stated they will vote against it.

Some are saying it is mathematically impossible for the deal to win the support of the Commons.

During PMQs this afternoon, Mr Corbyn mocked Theresa May’s deal saying that: “It’s not hard to be the best deal if it’s the only deal”. You know what – he’s right!

I don’t usually agree with Corbyn on many things, but seeing as he’s against the deal, I’ll stand with him this one.

Mrs May’s reply to Labours remarks was sublime, however.

She replied: “As I’ve just set out to the honourable gentlemen, what the analysis shows, it does show that this deal we’ve negotiated is the best deal or our jobs and economy which delivers on the result of the referendum.

“I believe we should be delivering on the result of the referendum. 

“He talks about the political declaration, he calls it a wish list. What he’s describing is a political declaration which has been agreed by the UK and EU which sets out ambitious, broad, deep and flexible partnership across trade and economic cooperations, Law-enforcement and criminal justice, foreign policy, security and defence and wider areas of cooperation.

“What does Labour have to offer? 6 bullet points. My weekend shopping list is longer than that!”