Camden Police have publically outed Diane Abbott on Twitter after criticising their tactics to catch criminals.

Police are now ramming suspected criminals with their patrol cars under new powers given.

The footage has been widely praised and many believe the new tactics are long overdue. Previously, thieves on mopeds or other types of bikes would be able to escape from Police via ally ways or going up pavements. However, chases are cut short due to Police ramming suspects off their (stolen) bikes.

If you haven’t seen the footage, below is a video.

Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott hit the headlines yesterday for shamming the Police on Twitter for the new tactics.

She said: “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law”

It seems Diane Abbott cares more about the criminal’s safety than stopping them. It’s as if she is defending their actions and almost wanting them to get away with it by limiting police powers to stop them. *this is mere opinion and not a matter of fact*.

Camden Police took the liberty of educating the senior Labour MP.

People seem to forget that if a Labour government ever came to power, Diane Abbott would be in charge of the Police, Immigration and MI5. Scary!

According to a Times reported: “Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, called for protection for officers applying the tactic, which has been used at least 63 times and has already”

It’s great to hear that this has been used so frequently. It will certainly act as a deterrent and prove to those who wish to break the law that there is nowhere to hide!