Boris Johnson is facing prosecution by a team of lawyers over comments dating back to the EU referendum.

Marcus J. Ball founded Brexit Justice Ltd and received hundreds of thousands of pounds via crowdfunding in an attempt to prosecute Boris Johnson over remarks made in the 2016 referendum.

Mr Johnson was one of, if not the biggest and most recognisable leave campaigners in the country, but could now face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The former Foreign Secretary is trying to be prosecuted for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office.

Mr Johnson’s claim that £350 million is spent on EU membership every week could have been a criminal offence in the eyes of some lawyers.

Mr Ball said: “Our team, led in court by Lewis Power QC, is challenging Mr Johnson’s statements concerning the claim we spend £350 million every week on EU membership.

“Our team argues that this claim was false. It is false to say that the UK spends this sum of money, a fact of which we believe Mr Johnson is aware. However, he decided to repeatedly state the claim regardless.”

Adding: “However, after a lot of hard work our legal team concluded that only one case could be brought: Mr Boris Johnson, for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office.”

It is 100% true that UK spends £350 million a week on EU membership, yes we do get a rebate, but the £350 is still sent to the EU!

Theresa May has since stated that the NHS will receive an extra £384 million a week after Brexit, with large funding of that coming through savings of not having to pay an EU membership fee.

Boris Johnson has been contacted by lawyers, but no reply has been received.

How much of a so-called sore loser do you have to be 2 years after losing a referendum to take a campaigner to court?

I hope everything is thrown out of court (if it ever gets that far).