Speaking to the BBC, Juncker reiterated what would happen if the House of Commons voted down May’s Brexit deal.

The ‘Meaningful Vote’ is planned to take place next month and many believe that it’s impossible for the Prime Minister to get enough votes for her deal to pass through Parliament.

Labour has already been on recorded stating that they would push for a general election if the deal fails, or a second EU vote. Scary!

Speaking to the BBC, Juncker declared how he felt about the UK voting on the deal and what would happen if we rejected it.

He said: “This is the deal. This is the deal. I’m never changing my mind day after day. This is the best deal possible for Britain.

“And this is the only deal possible. So if the House would say no, we would have no deal.”

Juncker was then asked if he thought it was partly a failure on the EUs behalf that Brexit got this far.

He said: “Is it a failure on the British behalf if you are telling people year after year, month after month, day after day, that the membership of Britain in the European Union is a bad thing for the British citizens?

“I don’t think that the European Union is guilty for the result.

“It’s the responsibility of Britain. Only of Britain. Nobody else.”

It looks like Juncker is very much against the UK renegotiating a Canada style free trade agreement. I’m sure he knows it will not just be the UK that’s affected by short-term instability on the event of a no deal, but the EU too.

I think Juncker is attempting to scare British MPs and public when he says that the EU would not renegotiate if May stepped down and a new leader took over.