Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott has unfortunately for nearly everyone, spoken out about Police tactics to stop criminals.

London and other major cities up and down the country have experienced a sharp increase in moped-related crimes.

Criminals use stolen mopeds to rob unsuspecting victims on the street. The Police rarely caught the thieves in their cars due to the suspects’ ability to escape via ally ways and paths.

New powers are allowing Police officers to ram their cars into the moped criminals if they fall to stop. Many of you would have already seen the footage, but if you missed, see below.

Despite the new tactics working, it seems Diane Abbott cares more about the criminal’s safety than stopping them. It’s as if she is defending their actions and almost wanting them to get away with it by limiting police powers to stop them. *this is mere opinion and not a matter of fact*.

She said: “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law”

The Times reported: “Scotland Yard highlighted the aggressive new tactic last week in a series of videos showing high-speed pursuits in which officers deliberately drive at riders.

Senior officers said this “tactical contact” was risk-assessed and would be used even when suspects rode with no helmet, adding that there was no upper speed limit at which it would be used.

The videos prompted warnings that the Met was opening itself up to civil and criminal claims.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, called for protection for officers applying the tactic, which has been used at least 63 times and has already…”

I for one agree with this new tactic. It sends a clear message out to those who are willing to break the law and reassures the public.