Spain has said that it plans to vote against the UK-EU Brexit deal.

For the deal between the UK and EU to see the light of day, it must be agreed fully by both parties.

For the UK, this would mean a vote in the House of Commons and if the agreement gets the majority of MPs approval, it will pass. However, the EU requires all nation states to agree to the deal for it to be approved, effectively giving each country a veto on blocking the deal.

Even if the House of Commons votes in favour of the deal, there would still be hope that it could be blocked by an EU member.

It looks likely that this could happen. Spain today declared that they plan to vote against the Brexit deal. For Brexiteers who want a no deal Brexit, this is great news!

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is threatening to veto the agreement over row with the status of Gibraltar.

Spain is demanding that the future of the Rock is settled through direct talks between London and Madrid – I agree. Why on earth should the EU be involved in any talks between the UK government and the Spanish government over Gibraltar? Less EU interference, the better!

The future status of the rock would have to be agreed only by Spain and the UK. For the EU to receive Spain’s approval the withdrawal agreement will need to be changed.

Mr Sanchez added: “If this is not solved by Sunday, Spain, a pro-European government, will unfortunately have to vote ‘No’.”

“If you reopen [the Withdrawal Agreement] for one issue, well then there is an avalanche of other asks, I am sure, that different countries will have.” said Simon Coveney.

One thing is for certain, Spain should never get their hands on Gibraltar. It is British and will stay that way!

The people living in Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the EU, but they would also choose their British citizenship over EU membership.