Labour policy on Brexit is almost none existent, but if Mrs May’s deal fails to get the support of Parliament things will really heat up.

We are 99% sure that Theresa May’s Brexit deal will not get through the Commons next month, which leads to the question ‘what happens next?’.

The Prime Minister is determined to win the support of MPs and will not stop campaigning with business leaders and visiting all parts of the United Kingdom in an attempt to drum up support for her withdrawal agreement.

However, if the deal fails to get through Parliament, the UK will still be scheduled to leave the EU on the 29th March next year. Despite this, Labour will call for a general election to take place to avoid a no deal.

Speaking to the BBC, Labour’s John McDonnell has said what will happen if they are unable to trigger a general election once the deal fails to get through the Commons.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg asked what Labour will do if the deal fails, to which the MP responded: “Our policy is that if we can’t get a general election then the other option which we’ve kept on the table is a people’s vote, a public vote”

Typical Labour, putting party politics first in a blatant power grab!

The British people do not want another election! Especially a second vote! What is so hard to understand? What voted to leave the EU and leave we must! Without a deal would be ideal!

The Labour MP added: “We want a deal that will protect jobs and the economy if we can’t achieve that we’ll call a general election. If that’s not possible we’ll call for a public vote.”

Labour seems to think it is inevitable that there will be a second vote! No chance!