Former Home Secretary and Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions has just said how the government will stop a no deal Brexit.

Throughout the negotiations, Theresa May has always insisted that a ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’. We must have heard this phrase hundreds if not thousands of times over the past 18 months.

Former Brexit Secretaries such as David Davis and Dominic Raab have all been on record saying that voting down the governments deal with the EU will result in a no deal Brexit. MPs are fully aware of this.

Seeing as May’s deal is unlikely to get through the House of Commons, you would expect a no deal to be the only feasible option – according to Amber Rudd, it won’t happen.

Mrs Rudd today declared that parliament will stop a no deal Brexit. She said: “My view is that the House of Commons will stop no deal, as Damian Collins already said earlier. There isn’t a majority in the House of Commons to allow that to take place”

Rudd referred to Damian Collins in her answer and Mr Collins has recently said that Parliament will be forced to call for a referendum once again.

He said: “If we couldn’t get an agreement and we were basically stuck in a situation where it was a deal we don’t want or the cliff edge.

“I think if we reach that point I don’t think as Parliament we could just stand back and watch the country fall off the edge of a cliff without asking the people whether that was a step they wanted to take… some mechanism of consulting the people – be it a general election or a second referendum.”

There we have it, folks. The government is basically planning to call a general election of the second referendum. Anything is valid to stop a no deal in their eyes.

You can contact your MP and urge him/her to vote for a no deal Brexit and against a second vote or general election.

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