Government plans announced by Jeremy Hunt will allow leading UK business figures to become ambassadors.

Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is planning to boost Britain interest overseas and line up future trade deals for post-Brexit Britain with his latest diplomatic shake-up.

As reported by Sky News, Richard Branson and Alan Sugar could become UK ambassadors if they wish as new government plans will make them eligible.

The government will look outwards when selecting new diplomats and not such focus on senior civil servants.

Both Branson and Sugar being staunched remain voters, they could soon be forging the way for post-Brexit trade deals.

Hunt said: “Our democratic values are arguably under greater threat than at any time since the fall of the Berlin Wall,”

“We must reinvigorate and expand British diplomacy.”

“The strength of our network is its professionalism, which has given us what I believe is the finest diplomatic service in the world”

Hunt notes that the government should look at appointing leading businessmen as ambassadors, not just senior civil servants.

“But we must never close our eyes to the approaches and skills of other industries.”

Two new posts are expected to be available to those outside the civil service. Branson and Sugar would be prime candidates.

Sky News reported: “Mr Hunt will flesh out plans to create 12 new diplomatic missions or sites and hire almost 1,000 additional personnel.

This will include 335 new diplomatic posts overseas, 328 new roles in London, and 329 new locally-engaged staff.”

The United Kingdom has waited far too long to once again be able to strike its own trade deals with the rest of the world. Times are changing!