A Labour Councillor who voted twice claimed that he did not know it was not allowed.

Faisal Rana voted twice, claiming that he did not know it was not allowed. Mr Rana voted in two different wards in the council elections.

Despite clearly breaking the rules, his punishment from the Police has been met with controversy.

You would expect the police to issue a large fine, maybe even force him to do community service or spend time in jail, but that is not the case.

The Councillor was let of which just a caution. Outrageous! He claims it was a genuine mistake.

Speaking to Sky News, Rana said: “I have accepted a police caution for an electoral offence, which relates to me casting separate votes for two different wards in two different Constituencies (Spotland and Falinge, and Norden Ward) in the local elections earlier this year.

“I legally registered my votes by providing my genuine national insurance number, date of birth and addresses and when I received these through the post I thought it would have been OK and that is why they issued me two ballots for two constituencies.

“I did not realise this was an offence and misinterpreted the rule that says it is possible to vote in two different electoral areas.

“As soon as this was brought to my attention I went for a voluntary interview at local police station and co-operated with police fully in this regard.”

The leader of the Council, Allen Brett said: “It is vital that councillors do all that they can to uphold the integrity of the democratic process.

“As soon as he became aware of this, Councillor Rana stepped away from his cabinet responsibilities.

“Naturally, I am disappointed in Councillor Rana’s error because he is a very talented and hardworking individual who shares our collective passion to improve our borough.”

In all honesty, I would have expected a harsh sentence. I presume a lot of you would agree.

Some will say that one vote does not make much of an impact on the grand scheme of things, but that is not always the case.