We finally have a date on when a deal with the UK and EU should be reached.

The government has finally announced a date in which a Brexit deal is expected to be reached.

Writing to senior MPs who are summoning him to appear before a committee, Mr Raab said he would be willing to give evidence to the committee once a deal is finalised.

The British government previously reported that a Brexit deal is 95% done, however, the important thing is it passing through the Commons.

A deal is expected to be reached on the 21st of November, according to Raab.

Writing to them, Mr Raab said: “I would be happy to give evidence to the committee when a deal is finalised, and currently expect 21 November to be suitable…

“The end is now firmly in sight and, while obstacles remain, it cannot be beyond us to navigate them.

“We have resolved most of the issues and we are building up together what the future relationship should look like and making real progress.”

David Davis resigned earlier this year over the Prime Minister’s determination to push forward with the Chequers deal. Boris Johnson, then Foreign Secretary, quickly followed suit.

As I said previously, a Brexit deal will not be worth the paper its written on if the House of Commons does not pass it.

Theresa May has insisted that if the Chequers deal does not pass, then it will be a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Something the media loves to scaremonger about.

Labour has said that they will only vote for a Brexit deal if it meets their 6 tests. So far, Chequers does not.