Former Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has sparked fears of a second referendum.

Speaking to Mr Peston on ITV, Mrs Rudd warned that a second EU referendum was better than a no deal Brexit.

She said: “I no deal is something parliament will assert its self and object to.

“I think a peoples vote could be the result of an impasse

“Is it preferable to a no deal? Absolutely! Absolutely!”

“I don’t think a no deal will happen. I think if we can’t get a negotiated deal that the Prime Minister brings back through parliament. The I think we are in uncharted territory.

I think that one of the outcomes we will get is a Norway EEA style deal”

There are two ways we can look at this. Firstly, sheer fear that someone who was once this high up in government had such strong views for a second EU referendum and clearly wants the UK to remain in the EU. But on the other hand, relief as she is no longer reporting directly to the Prime Minister. That’s one less remoaner in the cabinet!

The time is now that we change tac and go for a Canada style Brexit deal with the EU, one which the EU has already said they are interested in according to Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg when he met Michel Barnier a couple of months ago.

It is not too late to save Brexit, but I do feel that Theresa May must go if we stand any chance of getting the Brexit Brexiteers voted for and if the Conservative party has any chance of winning the next general election.