The Prime Minister has hinted in an interview with Andrew Marr, potential changes to Chequers.

Theresa May has called for a detailed response from the EU on their stance of her proposed Chequers deal and a counteroffer.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC, she hinted that additional concessions could be made in order to get the EU to agree with the Chequers deal, however, Brexiteers would view any further back peddling as a disaster.

May said: “If they’ve got counter-proposals, let’s hear what those counter-proposals are”, Mrs May told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show as the Conservative party conference kicked off in Birmingham.

“What my mood is is to listen to what the EU has to say about their concerns and then to sit down and talk them through with them.”

May’s leadership is on a knife-edge as Brexit supporting Tory MPs have publically plotted to topple her with a vote of no confidence and subsequently look for a replacement leader. This could soon become a reality of further concessions are made to the government’s official Brexit stance, which is Chequers.

The current favourite to replace May is Boris Johnson.

The Labour party would almost certainly demand a general election or a ‘peoples vote’ on the final Brexit deal, with the option to remain in the EU.

The UK government has so far insisted that a second EU referendum will not happen.

Asked if she believes in Brexit, May said: “I do believe in Brexit,”

“But crucially I believe in delivering Brexit in a way that respects the vote”.