Theresa May’s interview with Andrew Marr has got people talking.

The BBC presenter last week questioned Mr Corbyn directly over anti-semitism within the Labour party, going as far as to ask Corbyn to his face if he was an anti-semite.

This week, it was Theresa May’s turn.

Marr saved the most controversial question until the end, asking May if she was directly responsible for the death of a 67-year-old Windrush scandal victim.

As you can expect, it did not go down too well.

The Prime Minister glared silently into Marr as the program finished for a whole 13 seconds which got everyone talking on Twitter.

It seems the Prime Minister can act as if she has a backbone-only when she is angry. Cleary this is not good enough. Mrs May is usually seen as weak, it is only when someone or something really gets to her does she stand strong. I hope we see that version fo the Prime Minister during the final round of EU talks!

In reply to criticism of the governments Windrush scandal, May said: “The point of the policy was to ensure that those people who were in the United Kingdom illegally were identified and appropriate action was taken.

“What went wrong was that people from the Windrush generation who were here legally – had every right to be here, who had helped to build our great national institutions – found themselves unable to show that documentation and got caught up in that.”

Do you think the Prime Minister handled this interview well? Let us know!