Speaking to The Sun, Brexit Secretary, Dominic Rabb has spoken out on ‘mutterings’ he’s overheard in Brussels.

Dominic Rabb replaced David Davis in late August as Brexit Secretary, but it seems he’s quickly released that the EU is less than impressed with the UK leaving.

Speaking to The Sun, he told how he overheard EU officials discussing a punishment for the UK.

He said: “If you walk around the corridors in Brussels, you hear all sorts of mutterings about how the UK must be ­penalised for leaving the EU, and the politicisation of Northern ­Ireland is part of that.

“There are some out there in the Commission who see it as a lever beyond the substantive issue.

“There is no doubt there is a substantive issue about how we avoid a return to the hard border, but it has been magnified by those seeking to rely on it for political ends.”

Is this really a union we want to be a part of? One which wishes to punish members who leave?

I should note that there is nothing in Article 50 which states the leaving nation should be punished by the remaining 27.

The British governments is currently waiting for the EU to officially respond to the Chequers proposal and submit a counteroffer.

Rabb said: “I will look at anything that they send back because this is a negotiation.

“We aren’t pretending there aren’t alternative proposals that we would look at. In negotiations, you do that.

“But we need credible responses for the proposals we have set out or credible alternatives, and we haven’t seen them yet.”

I think it’s safe to say that the European Union wants to punish us at every opportunity!