Former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has fueled rumours of him planning to replace Theresa May.

Mr Johnson was interviewed by Sky News, ITV and the BBC for the first time since his Burka comments, of which he is currently being investigated for.

During the interview, Mr Johnson made it clear that May’s Chequers proposal is worse than a no deal and that there is still time for the government to take a different route.

When asked if he wanted to be Prime Minister, he dodged the question 4 times. It seems Boris is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Eventually, he responded by saying: “What I want is to change the current state of Brexit negotiations,”

Changing the prime minister is “not the issue for me”

“I can honestly say that if we get this right now, and I believe that there is a very good chance that we will, and we can revert to optimistic, kind of self-confident type of vision of what this country can achieve, my cup will run over.”

The only plausible way for Boris to change the current state of the Brexit negotiations is for Mrs May to step down.

Johnson is currently the favourite to replace her.

Boris believes that if the EU accepts the Chequers proposal, then it will be seen as a major political and economic victory for them.

Saying: “It would be a political triumph for Brussels because what it would show is the United Kingdom, for all its power and might, for the £2 trillion pound economy that we have – the fifth biggest economy in the world – in the end, when it came to it, we were unable to reclaim economic hopes of ballooning independence… I think it’s a disastrous option, but I fear that Brussels will go for it.”

The time is now for Boris to take over as the leader of the Conservative party!