Secret European Union no deal Brexi plans have been revealed by a source within the European Commission.

The source told The Sun that the EU has secret plans differing from their public preparations for a no deal.

They said: “The EU doesn’t want 20-mile tailbacks as much as the UK doesn’t.

“The thinking is we’ll keep things as they are because the regulatory platform is the same.

“This will stay in place for a few months and then there’ll be a mad dash to get a new agreement in place.”

This could see the UK and EU recognise each other’s regulatory standards and maintain open borders on high-risk goods.

Publically the EU states that in a no deal there would be checks for: “Customs, sanitary and phytosanitary standards and verification of compliance with EU norms”.

This seems to be the opposite of what the secret plans suggest.

Is the European Union attempting to scare the British government and people into accepting a no deal? I think so!

The British government and the European Union are increasing readiness for a no deal Brexit.

The government has already allocated £750 million to a no deal, with a further £3 billion ready to be spent.