Jacob Rees-Mogg has sent an indirect message to the Prime Minister

The Conservative backbench MP compared Theresa May’s Chequers plan to a ‘dead horse’ in a furious outburst over the governments Brexit direction.

Rees-Mogg urged the Prime Minister to stop flogging her ‘dead horse’ trade deal and take a different approach. I suspect one which the ERG would approve.

Jacob is one of the favourites to replace Theresa May in the next Converstiave leadership contest, neck and neck with former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

The backbench MP is effectively telling the Prime Minister ‘change the Brexit plan now or you’ll have me to deal with’.

Responding to the French Presidents comments regarding the Chequers deal, Mogg said:

“The French President has made it plain that the Chequers plan leaves Britain half in, half out of the EU and that breaches his red lines.

“Rather than flog this dead horse we should return to efforts to secure a Canada-style free trade deal.”

The clock is ticking and before we know it the November deadline will be fast approaching – that is when we will see what this government and Theresa May’s leadership is really made of.

I suspect the last minute deal will take place, with heavy concessions being made on our behalf.