Former Brexit Secretary, David Davis has slammed Philip Hammonds Brexit No deal comments.

The Conservative MP publically lashed out at the chancellor in an article he wrote in the Sun. 

Mr Davis appeared to back a no deal Brexit, explaining that ‘experts’ generally get a lot of predictions and forecasts wrong, with Philip Hammonds no deal forecast being no exception.

Mr Hammond believes that government borrowing will increase by £80 billion by 2033-34 and that UK GDP could take a 10% hit in the event of a no deal.

Davis noted how experts have been wrong many times before, saying: “Not a single public authority predicted the biggest crash in modern history — not the Bank of England, not the ­Treasury, and certainly not the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Then in 2016 they did it again. Project Fear forecast dramatic downturns in the economy if the people were so unwise as to vote for Brexit. Wrong again.”

Davis blasted Hammonds timing of his no deal forecast, saying: “And yet the Chancellor insists on ­trotting out yet another bogus forecast, on the very day that my successor as Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, is ­presenting the first set of preparation for no deal.

Coincidence? I do not think so.”

It is clear that this MP has a lot of confidence with a no deal Brexit.

The former Brexit boss explained that if we remove the option for the UK to walk away from the table without a deal, the European Union would give us a bad deal.

“If they do not think we dare walk away, then they will give us the worst deal they can think of. Bear in mind that the Chequers deal already concedes enormous amounts to the EU.”

It’s unfortunate that David Davis is no longer in the cabinet. Hopefully, when Boris becomes PM some major changes will take place within the government!