Theresa May has surrendered to Brussels’ demands yet again by reportedly allowing European judges to have the final say in the United Kingdom’s future relationship with the European Union after Brexit.

This development has made a number of Brexiteers particularly angry because at one point, this was one of Mrs May’s ‘red lines’ that apparently she wouldn’t budge on.

Another cop out from the PM!

According to a report in Business Insider UK:

Theresa May has been accused of an “unacceptable” compromise to the European Union following reports that European judges will have the final say over areas of Britain’s future relationship with the EU after Brexit.

The UK government has agreed to let the European Court of Justice be the legal arbiter on issues relating to the £39 billion Brexit bill and the 3.8 million EU citizens residing in Britain, according to The Times.

This means that even once Britain has completely Brexit, the EU’s highest court, based in Luxembourg, will continue to have the final say on future disputes relating to two key aspects of the divorce.

In a draft text of the agreement, it says a joint committee of officials “may, at any point, decide to submit the dispute brought before it to the Court of Justice of the EU for a ruling,” even if resisted by UK-based courts.

There is no issue with the ‘£39 billion Brexit bill’ – it should be ZERO!