Gary Lineker appears to have been silenced by Pier’s Morgan over his urge for a second EU referendum.

The Match of the Day host joined a campaign this week calling for a second Brexit referendum, despite 17.4 million people voting to leave the EU just two years ago.

The millionaire former footballer claims that people did not know what they were voting for.

Good Morning Britain presenter, Pier’s Morgan, took to Twitter in an attempt to silence the Match fo the Day host with a simple question.

Morgan said: “Question for you, Jugs @GaryLineker: If we now have a 2nd referendum on Brexit & this time vote against it, can Brexiteers then immediately demand a 3rd?
If not, why not?”

Mr Lineker has yet to respond.

My bet is that he will block the GMB host, or claim that he is a ‘racist’, despiting voting to remain. That’s what most celebrity remainers say.

One Twitter user jokingly suggested that we should have ‘best of 5’ referendum if Brexit wins the first two.

Other Twitter users slammed the Walkers crisp star: