Doubts have been raised over the future of French President and EU lover Emmanuel Macron after it was revealed that he is facing a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE due to a scandal involving a member of his staff.

Footage has emerged of the employee in question ‘assaulting’ protestors at a demonstration in May, and there has been an incredible amount of anger about how slowly Macron has reacted to the public’s outrage.

According to a report in the Daily Express:

Mr Macron’s bodyguard Alexandre Benalla sparked fury after being filmed assaulting protesters at May Day protests in Paris.

Shocking footage showed Mr Benalla, who was wearing police riot gear, hitting a male protester and dragging away a woman.

He was later fired and placed under investigation, but political opponents said Mr Macron was slow to react to the scandal.

Critics accused the president of a cover-up by claiming he failed to report the incident as soon as he was made aware of it.

Two French MPs, one from the Republicans and another from the Communist Party, have tabled votes of no-confidence in the government.

Veteran Communist MP Andre Chassaigne said: “Above all, this scandal reveals the abuses of a hyper-presidential regime.

“It shows the ultra-concentration of powers by an elected monarch which undermines the very principle of separation of powers.”

The news will be worrying for the Brussels elites as Macron is one of the key figures in the so called ‘dream team’ of EU superpower leaders.

We already know that Merkel is living on borrowed time, so to speak!