UKIP leader, Gerard Batten has slammed the mainstream media for their reporting of Tommy Robinson’s arrest and sentencing.

Mr Batten pointed out on his Twitter account that the MSM is claiming that Tommy is ‘far-right’ for expressing the views he holds, the views that millions in the UK hold.

For all we know, Tommy could have some extremely left-leaning ideologies, but the mainstream media will label him as ‘far-right’ in an effort to tarnish his name.

Batten said: “One glaring inaccuracy in this article, Tommy isn’t ‘far right’. ‘Hard right’ or ‘Far right’ is used to smear anyone who opposes what is going on in our country. Now in many sections of the UK media if you are not ‘Far left’ you must be ‘Far right’.”

Anyone who dares to criticise Islam is considered far-right these days. If you were to criticise Christianity or any other religion this would not be the case.

Mr Robinson was live streaming outside of the court where a grooming gang trial was ongoing, however, Tommy was spreading already public information.

After media requests, the court has decided to lift the reporting restriction due to thousands sharing details of his arrest on social media.

Tommy was already subject to a suspended sentence for a contempt charge for a separate grooming gang case where he filmed defendants.

Mr Robinson was arrested, charged and sentenced within four hours of the initial arrest with his long-term solicitor not present.