Nigel Farage has revealed his opinion on the arrest and sentence of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy was arrested last Friday outside Leeds Crown Court, for potentially prejudicing a court case.

Mr Robinson was live streaming outside of the court where a grooming gang trial was ongoing, however, Tommy was only spreading public information.

Nigel Farage aired his views while talking on his LBC show.

He said: “Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months for contempt of court.

“For many people, this is absolute proof that we are moving into a police state, that something absolutely awful is happening.

“Well, you’ve got half a point folks, but only half of one.

“Let us be clear, Tommy Robinson was under a court order, not to interfere with the judicial process in any way at all. He chose for reasons of self-publicity, not to benefit anything that would help society.

“Frankly the judge had almost no choice but to give him a jail sentence,” Nigel said.

“I think Robinson, frankly, was out there asking for trouble and I don’t think it was a very bright thing do.”

I would have expected Mr Farage to defend Tommy more than he did. Is Farage losing his backbone? I hope not.

What do you think of his views on this?