Former Liberal Democrat MP, Sarah Olney, will not be charged with a breach of campaign spending.

Mrs Olney declared on her expenses form that she became a candidate on 31 October, but she announced herself as the candidate on 26 October.

The former MP was then able to cut several days of spending out of her regulated period.

The police have said that they will not be charging Mrs Olney because “it would not be in the public interest” and because there is no evidence to

suggest that the former MP did this intentionally.

Police have said to have found ‘discrepancies’ in her spending. Such discrepancies would result in a criminal offence.

I’m sure many Brexiteers and non-Lib Dem support would view this as being in the public interest!

I certainly do.

Sarah Olney resigned from her role as an MP last year and now works for the party on her full-time Chief of Staff salary of £68,000, but for a part-time role as “Special Projects Manager”.

How fancy.

Would you like to see Mrs Olney face charges for her spending? Let us know in the comments below!

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