Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, sent a strong messaging to remoaner peers in the House of Lords when he appeared on LBC.

Brexiteer and favourite to be next Prime Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, did not hold back when discussing the state of the House of Lords and their recent Brexit amendments.

Mr Rees-Mogg: “I think the Lords is putting itself in a very difficult constitutional position.

“It’s decided to take up the banner of Peers against the people, that it is doing its best with a series of amendments – and the one today is particularly important – and to stop the referendum result coming into law.

“The benefit of the House of Lords is that is a revising chamber.

“One that looks at a piece of legislation and says that that clause won’t work or it hasn’t been written properly or asking the Government to think again on an area it doesn’t have a manifesto behind it.

“In this bill, the Government has behind it not only a referendum result but also its commitment in the manifesto last year.

“The Lords is ignoring that and that is not a rather revising chamber.

“Very few people have that much respect for the House of Lords.

“They don’t think about it a lot of the time, but when it opposes the Government, the democratically elected Government, and tries to stop legislation as a House of appointed people, many of them getting pensions from the European Union, it does its reputation a huge amount of damage.”

Well said, Jacob!

This man would be a brilliant Prime Minister and almost certainly give us the Brexit we ALL voted for.