Nigel Farage replied to ‘Dr Ben Janaway’ on Twitter after he called for him to face criminal charges.

Mr Janaway tweeted: “Nigel Farage should face criminal charges for his abusive and manipulative libel at the expense of the NHS”

It wasn’t long before Farage replied to the ‘Doctors’ tweet.

He said: “This guy wants to throw me in prison for disagreeing with him and the medical establishment.

That says everything you need to know about so-called ‘liberals’.”

Spot on!

Dr Janaway also replied to Farage’s comment.

He said: ”

Nigel simply calling for you to justify your actions in the eyes of the law and country you so vehemently protect.

Protecting the actions of the NHS does not constitute liberalism, it constitutes being an empathic human.”

Do you think Farage should face criminal charges for his apparent libel against the NHS?

Let us know below!

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